The American Association of Avian Pathologists is an international association whose mission is to promote scientific knowledge to enhance the health, well –being, and productivity of poultry to provide safe and abundant food for the world.  Established in 1957, it is open to anyone who is engaged in some phase of avian diseases.  Each year AAAP conducts a scientific program and symposium where the latest findings and issues regarding diseases in poultry are shared and discussed.  AAAP also publishes Avian Diseases, a quarterly, international journal for original basic or clinical research from various disciplines including microbiology, immunology and pathology.  In addition, AAAP publishes many educational materials on avian health including Diseases of Poultry and the Avian Disease Manual. AAAP committees and interest groups offer members a forum for discussion and action on specific poultry topics and issues.  Through the AAAP Foundation, scholarships and awards are given each year to support those who are striving for careers in poultry medicine and acknowledge outstanding achievement in the area of poultry medicine.


Welcome to the American Association of Avian Pathologists!

If your interest is in poultry health, you have come to the right place. You have joined a family of professionals who support one another in the pursuit of our mission to promote scientific knowledge to enhance the health, well-being, and productivity of poultry to provide safe and abundant food for the world. We have been engaged in this mission for over 60 years now, testimony to the value AAAP provides to its members. I encourage you to become an active part of this family by supporting the committees that interest you, by using our many educational resources, and especially by attending our Annual Meetings, where you will enjoy an excellent scientific program and numerous opportunities to network with your peers from the USA and many other countries. No matter the area of poultry work in which you are engaged, you will find the AAAP to be a valuable resource to help you along the way. AAAP members are very friendly and are especially dedicated to ensuring that all new members feel at home and welcome from the very first day. Many of our senior members have become mentors to our new members and have helped them out as they embark on their poultry careers.

I also encourage you to visit our website ( to avail yourself of the many resources available there, including position statements, white papers, textbooks, scientific journals, study sets, diagnostic manuals, interviews with pioneers of poultry medicine, and contact information on all of our members around the world. Everything you need is at your fingertips! You can also identify the members of the Board of Directors and the AAAP Foundation, nominate colleagues for the Awards that are presented each year at our Annual Meeting, and learn about participation in activities with the AVMA, scholarship opportunities, the history of the AAAP, our committees and their members, and additional resources such as employment opportunities and graduate school programs. The committees are the engine that accomplishes the work of the AAAP. I strongly encourage you to join one or more committees and actively participate with them in supporting the missions of AAAP.

As the 2018-2019 President of the AAAP, it is my privilege to welcome you to our family, an organization that has been an essential element in the careers of all of us in the poultry health profession. I can assure you that if you become actively engaged in this organization, the AAAP will provide you with all the support needed for you to succeed in your own career. I look forward to meeting you at the first opportunity. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the AAAP please do not hesitate to contact me, our Executive Vice President, Dr. Suzanne Dougherty, or our Executive Director, Mr. Bob Bevans-Kerr.

Nathaniel L. Tablante, DVM, MPVM, MS, DACPV
President, The American Association of Avian Pathologists