AAAP Board of Directors Major Announcements- August 11, 2020

Vision Statement
AAAP will be the premier organization that advances science-based knowledge, expertise, and education on poultry health, welfare, and food safety to provide member value and stakeholder trust.

Mission Statement
AAAP facilitates member collaboration to advance science-based knowledge, expertise, and education on poultry health, welfare, and food safety.

AAAP Board of Directors Major Announcements
From AAAP Board of Directors Meeting August 7, 2020
Released August 11, 2020

Independent AAAP Annual Meeting to be held 2023
Following a proposal by its Board of Directors and more than 18 months of discussions, the decision was made for the American Association of Avian Pathologists to host its first independent Annual Meeting in 2023. AAAP membership was polled about the proposal after the AAAP Business Meeting. The majority of members are in support of the independent meeting, with 82% of respondents supporting the move. 

The AAAP Board, while making the decision to hold an independent meeting, will continue to address voiced concerns about holding an independent meeting. The board committed to fully support AAAP collaboration and participation in leading AVMA programming on Small Flock and Animal Welfare concerns. AAAP will also participate in future needs to address non-poultry veterinarians in poultry health.  The AAAP Program will offer CE through RACE certification standards. AAAP will continue to be engaged with AVMA in association governance through the HOD and by participating in committees by our members.  AAAP will continue to be engaged with the AVMA Legislative Advisory Committee which provides significant support to our voice with regulators and legislators. AAAP will continue to require US based veterinarians to be members of AVMA to protect our Constituent Allied Veterinary Organization status with AVMA. (See section 3-02(a) of AAAP Bylaws)  See FAQ

AAAP Diversity and Inclusion Task Force designated as a formal AAAP Committee
The AAAP Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce was approved as a standing AAAP Committee. The mission of the AAAP’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to promote and encourage a climate supportive of all AAAP members regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic or educational backgrounds in order that all members can fully participate in all aspects of the organization. The committee strives to ensure representation of all AAAP members receiving awards or scholarships, participating in committees, and receiving professional development appropriately represent our membership base. Additionally, the goals of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee will adapt as the AAAP membership evolves.

ACPV/AAAP release 2020 Salary Survey Results
The 2020 AAAP/ACPV Salary Survey was conducted online from 05/13/2020 to 06/3/2020 and has been posted on the AAAP and ACPV Website and can be viewed by members.

AAAP Policies and Procedures Manual and Organizational Structure document was approved
A 55-page Policies and Procedure Manual and Organization Structure document was approved with edits and will be posted to the AAAP website by September 1st.  This document describes current processes, policies, work, and relationships of the AAAP in more detail than the AAAP Bylaws.

Avian Diseases Assistant Editor Position Approved
A new position was approved to support the Avian Diseases Editor.  More details on this position will be posted in the next 60 days. Avian Diseases is an international journal dedicated to publishing original basic or clinical research of the highest quality from various disciplines including microbiology, immunology, pathology, and epidemiology. Papers on avian diseases relevant to etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, and control are accepted. Manuscripts dealing with avian species other than poultry will be considered only if the subject is relevant to poultry health. The mission is to enhance scientific knowledge and promote avian health.

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