Credentialed Candidates 

Credentialed candidates are those who have completed the application process and have been approved to sit for the exam but have not yet passed the exam in the time allotted. Candidates should be familiar with the following deadlines, documents, and policies. 

Location of 2021 Exam 

The upcoming exam will be conducted in multiple locations in North America as opposed to previous years when it was held in conjunction with the AAAP conference. Sites have been carefully chosen to ensure appropriate Covid-19 considerations, including candidate distancing throughout the duration of the examination.

The following locations have been confirmed as examination sites:

2021 ACPV Exam Site Addresses 

University of Georgia 
Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center  
953 College Station Road 
Athens, GA 30602 

Purdue University 
Charles J. Lynn Hall of Veterinary Medicine 
625 Harrison St, West Lafayette, IN 47906 

University of Calgary 
Clinical Skills Building 
11877 85 St NW, Calgary, AB T3R 1J3 

NC State University 
4200 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27606 

Aviagen Facility 
2030 Brashers Chapel Road  
Albertville, Alabama 35951 


Beginning August 16, 2021, face coverings are strongly encouraged in all buildings at PDRC regardless of vaccination status. Exceptions to this policy include if you are alone in your office or lab or actively eating or drinking. 
UGA Return to Campus Guidelines

The ACPV Exam will be held at the NCSU Club at North Caroline State. There is no specific COVID-19 policy for that facility. The COVID-19 guidelines for NCSU students and staff are as follows: 

Visitors must adhere to the Protect Purdue protocols. Visitors are required to wear facemasks for the entirety of their visit.  They will not have to provide a negative test or proof of vaccination. Protect Purdue - Purdue University’s response to COVID-19 

Visitors must adhere to the University of Calgary emergency management COVID-19 protocols. are required in public places. 

Fully vaccinated individuals will not be required to wear a face mask or physically distance. Unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to continue social distancing from others when possible and to wear a face covering while inside the facility. 

Spelling Policy


1. The spell check tool is enabled for the short answer (questions 1-6) portion of the practical exam. Please note however, that etiologic or proper names may not be in the ExamSoft spell check system therefore, candidates will need to be able to know correct or incorrect spelling for etiologic agents and proper names. The Short Answer section will not have any spelling or grammar deductions.

2. Candidates will be graded on writing clarity, spelling, and grammar for the essay portion of the Practical Exam (questions 7-10.) Spell check will be enabled for this section as well, but the same notes apply for etiologic agents and proper names. Writing clarity, spelling, and grammar assessment is worth 20% (or 2 points) of each question. The rubric options include the following 4 grading levels:

a. Ideal: 2.00 points
b. Acceptable: 1.33 points
c. Limited: 0.67 points
d. Unacceptable: 0 points

IMAGES EXAM SPELLING CONSIDERATIONS All answers must be spelled correctly for the fill in the blank questions. These mainly consist of etiologic agents and disease names. No partial points will be rewarded. Incorrectly spelled diseases and etiologic agents will result in zero points. All spellings for etiologic agents and disease names are based on the spelling in Diseases of Poultry.

Exam Fee and Exam Completion Policies 

An applicant will have three years, representing three consecutive examination periods, to successfully complete all phases of the examination. A fee as determined by the Board shall be charged for each and every examination. Any applicant who has not successfully completed three phases of the examination within three years after the application will be permitted to reapply after the third year. Such applicants will be required to submit a new application and examination fee. The applicant will be required to complete the entire sequence, comprising all three parts (phases) of the examination. 

Fees for 2021 Exam 

First Time Candidate $560. Due April 1, 2021. 

Returning Candidate $125 per portion of the exam, plus $60 ExamSoft license fee. Due April 1, 2021. 

Paying the Exam Fee 

Payments can be made by credit card or a check made out to a U.S. bank. To pay using a credit card, go to the following payment form. Exam Fee formChecks should be mailed to: 

12627 San Jose Blvd., Suite 202 
Jacksonville, FL 32223-8638 

Fee Structure for 2022 Exam 

A new fee structure for the ACPV examination will begin with the application fee for the 2022 exam.  (The application fee for the 2022 exam is due October 1, 2021.) The exam fees for candidates will also change in 2022. 

First Time Candidate Fee: $700.  Due April 1, 2022. 

Returning Candidate Fee: $400. Due April 1, 2022. 

Policy for Deferring of Certification Examination 

This policy outlines the procedures for candidates who elect not to take the examination even though credentialed with all fees paid. All candidates have a three-year window, beginning with the first year they are accepted, to complete the exam. If the candidate has not passed all sections of the exam within the three-year window, they must follow the procedure for eligibility timeline (see, “EXAM FEE AND EXAM COMPLETION POLICIES.”) An exam fee is required each year a candidate sits for the exam. If the candidate has paid an exam fee and then elects not to write the exam, they must notify the Executive Vice President by 1 June of the exam year or the examination fee will be forfeited to the ACPV. 

Grading Timetable 

Candidates will be notified of exam results no later than 8 weeks after completing the exam.  Successful candidates will be admitted into the College no later than 10 weeks after completing the exam. Candidates will receive their diplomas at the ACPV Annual Business Meeting the year following successful completion of the exam. 

Disability Policy 

Candidates can request disability accommodations.  Please see the handbook pg.11 for details.  The form to request special accommodations is included in the exam fees payment form.  The due date to request special accommodations is April 1.