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The 2021 ACPV Workshop will be a virtual offering.  Recorded presentations will be available for viewing before the live Q&A sessions.  (Date to be announced.) Translations in Spanish and Portuguese will be available for both recorded presentations and the live Q&A.   

Topics include breed farm Q&A, egg pack/egg quality, incubation (modeling temperature/what the embryo needs, basic science of embryo development, the European perspective on incubation, and evaluating incubation), hatchery sanitation, hatchery ventilation, vaccination (spray vaccination update on bronchitis, in ovo vaccination), Q&A on chick quality—hatching/egg associated and quality control and diagnosis of hatchery performance.

Speakers include Jose Bruzual, Eduardo Costa, Scott Martin, Nick French, Aline Kunkze, Ron Meijerhof, Donna Hill, Scott McKenzie, Chris Williams, Brian Jordan, Ian Rubinoff and Sue Ann Hubbard

Registration Fees:
ACPV member $100.00
Non-member $125.00
Student $40.00