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Exam Instructions alt (Required reading before completing ACPV exam application)

Online Application Form (Please review the entire application form in advance to make sure you have gathered all the information necessary to complete your application. Some application materials may need to be sent directly from the institution or certification company.)  Application opens August 12.

ACPV Nomination Forms alt This form can be downloaded and emailed to diplomates.  Diplomates should complete, save and send to [email protected] by October 1

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Application Fee Payment Form

Important ACPV policies regarding exam eligibility and the exam fee:

An applicant will have three years, representing three consecutive examination periods, to successfully complete all phases of the examination. A fee as determined by the Board shall be charged for each and every examination. Any applicant who has not successfully completed three phases of the examination within three years after the application will be permitted to reapply after the third year. Such applicants will be required to submit a new application and examination fee. The applicant will be required to complete the entire sequence, comprising all three parts (phases) of the examination.

Policy for deferring of certification examination: This policy outlines the procedures for candidates who elect not to take the examination even though credentialed with all fees paid. All candidates have a three year window, beginning with the first year they are accepted, to complete the exam. If the candidate has not passed all sections of the exam within the three year window, they must follow the above procedure for eligibility timeline (above paragraph). An exam fee is required each year a candidate sits for the exam. If the candidate has paid an exam fee and then elects not to write the exam, they must notify the Executive Vice President by 1 June of the exam year or the examination fee will be forfeited to the ACPV.


2020 ACPV Exam

The 2020 ACPV exam has been cancelled due to the continued uncertainty surrounding the impact of Covid-19, including travel restrictions, both domestically and internationally. 

Every candidate will receive a non-penalized deferment until 2021.  Any required fees that have been paid will be held unless a candidate prefers to receive a refund.  Reapplying will not be required for candidates that have already completed this process.

2020 Exam Information for Candidates alt


Application Deadline for the 2021 ACPV Examination is October 1, 2020.

The final date for submission of the completed application forms for the 2021 examination is October 1, 2020. Applications are completed online. Electronic transfer of transcripts from educational institutions is preferred, but hard copies may be mailed to the ACPV office. Applicants should keep a hard copy file of all the application documents should the College request them. Nomination forms can be emailed or mailed.


The following prerequisites must be met to the satisfaction of the Credentials Review Committee before the applicant will be determined eligible to take the Certifying Exam:
1. Applicants must have earned a DVM or VMD or an equivalent veterinary qualification which would enable the applicant to practice veterinary medicine in the US or another country.
a.  All applicants must submit a diploma.
b. The Applicant who holds a veterinary degree from an AVMA accredited College or School of Veterinary Medicine must request an official veterinary diploma be sent directly to the ACPV office by their granting institution.
c. The applicant who has graduated from a non-AVMA accredited Collage or School must have their diploma verified through a credential certification company with the verification sent directly from the company to the ACPV office. Suggested certification companies are: National Student Clearinghouse and World Education Services. 
2. Be sponsored by three (3) diplomates of the College.  Only ACPV members in good standing will be allowed to sponsor exam applicants.
3. Applicants applying for credentialing under the provisions of the ACPV approved training program route must provide one (1) of the following documents at the time exam fees are due April 1, 2021.
a. An official copy of a certificate of completion, or
b. final transcripts of ACPV approved training program, or
c. a letter of anticipated completion from the program coordinator.
If a training route applicant finds that his or her program will not be completed by the time the exam fee is due he or she must notify the ACPV Executive Vice President and the application will be withdrawn.
4. Applicants applying for credentialing under the provisions of the advanced degree program route must have earned the M.S. degree or an equivalent or higher postgraduate with major emphasis in poultry veterinary medicine before or after obtaining the DVM or equivalent degree. Applicants must submit a diploma and transcripts from such a program to allow determination of a sufficient degree of poultry emphasis. Additional documentation must be submitted to ensure adequate field experiences.
5. Applicants applying for credentialing under the provisions of the professional experience route must have at least five (5) years professional experience after receiving the veterinary degree relevant to poultry veterinary medicine in one or more activities including, but not limited to, teaching, research, service or diagnostics with increasing responsibilities over this period of time.

Applicants must supply a copy of their veterinary license. Applicants who graduate from a veterinary college in a country where a diploma, rather than a formal license, qualifies one to practice veterinary medicine, must submit a verification of this practice through a document certification company.  Suggested certification companies are: National Student Clearinghouse and World Education Services. 

All documents must be submitted in English.  If other than English, these documents must be accompanied by a certified English translation.  The same companies recommended for document verification are also recommended for English translations.


Plans are being considered for conducting the 2021 exam in Minneapolis, MN or given virtually.  More specific information is forth coming.

Application Fee: $100 (Due October 1, 2020)
First Time Candidate $560 (Due April 1, 2021)
Returning Candidate $125 per portion of the exam, plus $60 ExamSoft license fee. (Due April 1, 2021)

A new fee structure for the ACPV examination will begin with the application fee for the 2022 exam. This is due on October 1, 2021.
Application Fee: $175 (Due October 1 the year preceding the exam year.)
First Time Candidate Fee: $700 (Due April 1 the year of the exam.)
Returning Candidate Fee: $400 (Due April 1 the year of the exam.)

Candidates will be notified of exam results no later than 8 weeks after completing the exam.  Successful candidates will be admitted into the College no later than 10 weeks after completing the exam. Candidates will receive their diplomas at the ACPV Annual Business Meeting the year following the  successful completion of the exam.

 Dr. Kate Hayes
ACPV Examination Committee Chair 
12627 San Jose Blvd., Suite 202
Jacksonville, FL 32223-8638
[email protected]