2018 ACPV Approved Training Programs


Avian Disease Specialist Residency Program
California Animal Health & Food Safety
Turlock Branch PO Box 1522
1550 N. Soderquist Rd.
Turlock, CA 95381 
Dr. Simone Stoute 

Master of Avian Medicine
UGA, Dept. of Population Health/PDRC
953 College Station Road
Athens, GA 30602 
Dr. C. Stephen Roney
[email protected]

Master of Avian Health and Medicine (Online Degree)
University of Georgia 
953 College Station Road
Athens, GA 30602
Dr. C. Stephen Roney 
[email protected]

Master of Veterinary Science, Poultry Specialty
Mississippi State University
Poultry Research and Diagnostic Laboratory
PO Box 97813
Pearl, MS 39288
Dr. Martha Pulido-Landinez
[email protected]

Poultry Health and Welfare Residency
North Carolina State University CVM
1060 William Moore Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 
Dr. Luke Borst 

Ohio State University Poultry Health Program
Food Animal Health Research Program
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
The Ohio State University
1680 Madison Avenue
Wooster, Ohio 44691 
Dr. Y.M. Saif
[email protected]

Poultry Diagnostic Medicine Residency
Purdue University Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
and Dept. of Comparative Pathobiology
406 S. University St. 
West Lafayette, IN 47907 
Dr. Pat Wakenell 
[email protected]

Avian Medicine and Pathology Residency Program
Animal Diagnostic Laboratory
100 Willey Lane
Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802-1110
Dr. Eva Wallner-Pendleton
(814) 863-0837