69th Western Poultry Disease Conference and ACPV Sponsored Workshop

March 29-April 1, 2020

Holiday Inn, Sacramento

Downtown Arena

Sacramento, CA, USA

2020 ACPV Sponsored Workshop 

(You do not need to be an ACPV member to attend!)

 "A Case Report-a-Palooza"

March 29, 2020, Sacramento, CA, USA

 The ACPV workshop is planned for March 29, 2020 a day prior to the Western Poultry Disease Conference’s annual meeting March 30-April 1.

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The workshop focuses on the preparation and delivery of case report material, both written and oral presentations, but also includes instruction on the preparation and delivery of other types of communication often required of a poultry veterinarian.  The morning session will include break-out sessions that concentrate on a certain type of writing and presentation based on the audience.  The afternoon session will cover a compilation of case reports presented by various speakers.

Morning Session:

The morning session will start with a presentation intended to provide an overview of the ‘academic bones’ of technical writing and then break out into three different sessions.  Various speaker/facilitators will be sought who can focus on

  • Writing/presenting for a commercial audience—technical writing/presentation geared for allied industry veterinarians who will be delivering information to veterinarians or nutritionists.
  • Writing/presenting for a customer audience—technical writing/presentation geared for allied or veterinary staff delivering data/information to non-veterinarians.
  • Writing/presenting for an academic/peer reviewed publication and veterinary professional type of audience.

The morning session will finish with a talk on how to critically evaluate written material and use it in decision making.

Afternoon Session:

The afternoon session will consist of case report presentations.