Only ACPV diplomates in good standing can serve as sponsors. The sponsor's endorsement of an applicant certifies that the applicant has had training adequate to permit sitting for the exam. Sponsorship of an applicant is not to be taken lightly because the ACPV Credentials Review Committee puts considerable trust in sponsors to determine the acceptability of an applicant. A sponsor's endorsement clearly does not guarantee success for the applicant, but it should guarantee that the applicant fulfills the minimum requirements and has been thoroughly prepared. As the mentor, the primary sponsor must be intimately involved with the training, work, or professional experiences of the applicant. Secondary sponsors must know in some detail what is being done for and by the applicant. Sponsors should serve as counselors who review all aspects of the applicant's training and progress on a regular basis. A primary or secondary sponsor must not have a conflict of interest with the applicant as viewed by an objective outside observer. 

Sponsors should be familiar with the following information: