Nominating Committee

  • The Committee shall be the three most recent Presidents that are not serving on the Board at the present time.

  • The Past President furthest removed from the Board shall be the Chairman.

  • The Committee shall report to the Annual Business Meeting a list containing the nominations for President, President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and a Director-at-Large.

  • Additional nominations may be made in open meeting or by mail or printable electronic correspondence by any member or charter member in good standing.

  • All nominations have to be voted on at the Business Meeting.

Committee Charge 

The Nominating Committee’s role is to present a slate of candidates for President Elect and Directors to the membership for election. 

Committee Composition 

The committee is made up of five members appointed by the President. The retiring Immediate Past President, upon completion of his or her term, serves as Chair of the committee. (See AAAP Bylaws 4-08 and 5-01. a). 

Key Roles and Responsibilities 

The committee procures nominations for President Elect, two Directors, Associate Director (in the last year of the sitting Associate Director’s term), and Student Member Director. The process for the Nominating Committee is explained in the AAAP bylaws in Section 4-03 and in this Procedure Manual in this section. In addition, a detailed AAAP Nominating Committee SOP and Timeline document with supporting materials is kept at the AAAP office. The AAAP office updates the SOP annually and sends it to the committee Chair to begin the nominating process. 

Nominating Committee Members Page

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