Drugs & Therapeutics Committee

altThe Drugs and Therapeutics committee of AAAP functions on the "frontlines" of the interface between the public's opinions and perceptions of the poultry industries and the realities our it's practices. We are frequently engaged in crafting position statements, whitepapers, point-counterpoint comparisons and scientific rebuttals to misinformation that is commonly found in the printed media of today. Our committee enjoys the position of being able to positively and accurately impact public perceptions by being a "go-to" source for the science supporting the world's most wide consumed source of animal protein... ... ...poultry.

Mission Statement

The Drug and Therapeutics committee is to make its membership aware of any new information, proposal, or research that may impact the present of future availability of drugs intended to prevent, treat, or control diseases of poultry.

Member Interests

Washington Post Article: "What does 'meat raised without antibiotics' mean"
Washington Post Guidelines for Letter to Editor
Free Webinar on Veterinary Feed Directive Audit Process: May 9th

Drugs and Therapeutics Committee Members Page
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