The American Association of Avian Pathologists is an international association whose mission is to promote scientific knowledge to enhance the health, well –being, and productivity of poultry to provide safe and abundant food for the world.  Established in 1957, it is open to anyone who is engaged in some phase of avian diseases.  Each year AAAP conducts a scientific program and symposium where the latest findings and issues regarding diseases in poultry are shared and discussed.  AAAP also publishes Avian Diseases, a quarterly, international journal for original basic or clinical research from various disciplines including microbiology, immunology and pathology.  In addition, AAAP publishes many educational materials on avian health including Diseases of Poultry and the Avian Disease Manual. AAAP committees and interest groups offer members a forum for discussion and action on specific poultry topics and issues.  Through the AAAP Foundation, scholarships and awards are given each year to support those who are striving for careers in poultry medicine and acknowledge outstanding achievement in the area of poultry medicine.

Vision Statement
AAAP will be the premier organization that advances science-based knowledge, expertise, and education on poultry health, welfare, and food safety to provide member value and stakeholder trust.

Mission Statement
AAAP facilitates member collaboration to advance science-based knowledge, expertise, and education on poultry health, welfare, and food safety.

Welcome to the American Association of Avian Pathologists!

Greetings to all of you! As your new president I am excited for this coming year. Even though we are encompassed by a unique set of unsettling circumstances, we as a professional organization continue to set forth a clear objective: to advance and facilitate science-based knowledge, expertise, and education in poultry health, welfare, and food safety.

The often unsung but vitally important advancements toward this objective take place within the committees. I applaud those endeavors and wish to recognize all AAAP members who serve within their ranks. Additionally, I urge all those who have a desire to join in these efforts to consider serving in a committee in which you can contribute in meaningful ways.

The AAAP offers many educational tools that are of great benefit, such as the publication of our professional journal, Avian Diseases, over 30 slide study sets, and a bevy of specialty publications written to serve as references for laboratories and veterinarians working in the poultry field. We also hold an annual meeting that is unmatched for great information. We broke new ground for the 2020 meeting as we navigated through the COVID-19 challenge by providing an excellent on-line venue for the presentations. Regardless of present and future challenges, the AAAP is dedicated to providing the best experience possible for collaboration and continuing education.

The AAAP is over 900 members strong. It will remain strong as we work together, collaborate, and continue to maintain our elite status within the veterinary profession as the “go-to” organization for obtaining relevant and up-to-date scientific knowledge in poultry health, welfare, and food safety. If you haven’t taken a serious look at how the AAAP can be a significant benefit to you, please take the time to do so. I’m certain you’ll like what you see.


David D. Frame, DVM, DACPV
President, American Association of Avian Pathologists