The 2nd International Conference on Necrotic Enteritis will be held on July 11-12th 2018, just prior to the AAAP Annual Meeting

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AAAP issues statement on misleading marketing claim for chicken (1/6/17)

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Woody Breast not Linked to Infectious Pathogens or Food Safety

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Elanco Scholarship News Release

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Gift A Chicken Project, coordinated by Arizona State University, provides rural Ugandan families with flocks of special, hybrid chickens that will guarantee the families better nutrition and a sustainable source of income.

Congratulations to Dr. Jagdev Sharma, & Dr. Sylvia Lemus Sharma.

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 Avian Pathology Continuing Education Materials Available On-Line

A collection of over 600 virtual slides of avian histopathology cases with a reduced rate for AAAP Members

Provided by
Dr. Oscar Fletcher and
Dr. Tahseen Aziz

Available through the Continuing Education office in the College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State

Commentary from CAST available: The Direct Relationship between Animal Health and Food Safety Outcomes


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Frequently Asked Questions about Antimicrobial Use and Antimcrobial Resistance

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Life Membership
2017 Award Information

Deadline for submissions: February 15, 2018


Life membership is a special category to which charter members, members, and associate members and international associate members, upon entering retirement, may be elected following nomination. Life members will not be required to pay any dues or assessments.

Qualification Criteria:

The following criteria must be fulfilled to be considered for election:

  1. The candidate must have been active in the field of poultry health for a minimum of 25 years.
  2. The candidate must have made significant contributions to the American Association of Avian Pathologists.  Examples of significant contributions are serving on the Board of Directors, and/or serving on committees of the AAAP such as the Editorial Boards associated with the AAAP (Diseases of Poultry, Avian Diseases, Isolation and Identification of Avian Pathogens, etc.), Awards Committee, and/or other committees essential for the AAAP.
  3. The candidate must have made significant contributions to the field of poultry health.

Equal weight will be given to criteria 2 and 3 in the decision to elect the candidate to life membership.  Retirement is interpreted to mean that the member or associate member has retired from major gainful employment.  Nominations will be accepted from AAAP members.  Nominations for election as life members will be submitted to the Awards Committee, approved by the Awards Committee, and approved by a two-thirds vote of the Governing Board.

Documents to be submitted for nominations:

  1. A cover letter is the letter of nomination.
  2. Submit evidence that the candidate fulfills all criteria (less than two pages total).  The following items should be included:
    1. Documentation that the candidate’s activity in the field of poultry health began at least 25 years prior to the year in which life membership is to be awarded.
    2. A list of the significant contributions made by the candidate to AAAP.
    3. A list of the significant contributions made by the candidate to the field of poultry health.
    4. Documentation that the candidate has retired from major gainful employment.
  3. Complete curriculum vitae.

Please send nominations by mail, or E-mail (preferred) to:

American Association of Avian Pathologists
12627 San Jose Blvd., Suite 202
Jacksonville, FL 32223-8638
904.425.5735 (Office)
281.664.4744 (fax)


List of Life Members

Bottorff, C. A. 1970
Hinshaw, W. R. 1970
Dickinson, E. M. 1971
Witter, J. F. 1971
Levine, P. P. 1974
Heddleston, Kenneth L. 1977
Cunningham, C. H. 1978
Pomeroy, Benjamin S. 1979
Lucas, Alfred M. 1979
Reid, W. M. 1979
Hitchner, S. B. 1982
Rosenwald, Arnold S. 1982
Alder, H. E. 1983
Burmester, B. R.  1983
Lancaster, John E. 1983
Williams, James E. 1983
Bankowski, R. A. 1983
Helmboldt, Charles F. 1983
Olson, Norman 1983
Hofstad, M. S. 1985
Winterfield, R. W. 1985
Cover, Morris S. 1985
Snoeyenbos, Glenn H. 1985
Hall, Charles F. 1986
Fabricant, Julius 1987
Grumbles, L. C. 1987
Adams, William W. 1989
Craig, Frank R. 1989
Yoder, Harry W. Jr. 1991
Vezey, Stan 1993
Chute, Harold 1993
Whiteman, Charlie 1993
Frazier, Monte 1994
Schwartz, Dwight 1994
Anderson, David P. 1996
Eskelund, Kenneth H. 1996
Springer, Wilfred T. 1996
Zander, Donald V. 1996
Calnek, Bruce W. 1996
Mayeda, Bryan 1996
Yamamoto, Richard 1996
McMurray, Birch 1997
Julian, Richard 1997
Poss, Peter E. 2000
Hughes, Walter F. 2000
Mallinson, Edward T. 2001
Kumar, Mahesh C. 2001
Lukert, Phil D. 2003
Bickford, Arthur A. 2003
Riddell, Craig 2005
Naqi, Syed 2005
Lasher, Hiram 2006
Eckroade, Robert 2006
Witter, Richard 2007
Kleven, Stan 2007
Ghazikhanian, Yan 2008
King, Daniel 2009
Opitz, Hans Michael 2010
Saif, Mohammad Y. 2013
Fadly, Aly 2016
Sharma, Jagdev 2017
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