Avian Biosciences Travel Scholarships

Deadline for submissions: February 1

Application Form


The AAAP annually selects outstanding student(s) to receive the AAAP Foundation Avian Biosciences Travel Scholarship to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Avian Pathologists. The purpose of the award is to familiarize students to the many aspects of poultry medicine and to facilitate their interaction with research scientists, poultry diagnosticians, and clinical poultry veterinarians to further their education and training.

Avian Biosciences Travel Scholarships are meant to address the needs of students who are enrolled in a Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy program, and who do not hold a veterinary degree. While these students can secure funding for their education, they often need funds to present their research at the AAAP Annual Meeting. These scholarships will encourage those students to continue a career track in poultry health.

Qualification Criteria:

Candidates should be currently enrolled in a thesis-requiring Master of Science program or a Doctor of Philosophy program. The area of study and research should clearly involve some aspect of poultry health. The major professor or at least one member of the student’s graduate committee should be a member of AAAP in good standing.

The applicant must have demonstrated an interest in poultry medicine by participating in a research project pertaining to poultry health, welfare, or disease. Recipients are required to give an oral or poster presentation at the annual AAAP meeting.

Selection of Scholarship Winners:

The AAAP Scholarship Committee will select the scholarship winners based on the following application materials. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. A copy of a current curriculum vitae.
  2. An official transcript of the graduate coursework completed to date.
  3. The candidate should submit a narrative statement not to exceed 500 words, identifying their career goals, and how their graduate studies have influenced and advanced these goals.
  4. The major professor or other member of the candidate’s graduate committee, who is a member in good standing of AAAP, should submit a supporting letter, commenting on the applicant’s suitability and qualification for the award.
  5. Applicants are required to submit their abstract (which will serve as their research summary for the scholarship application process) for the oral or poster presentation at the AAAP Annual Meeting with this application.

Scholarship Award:

The awardee will be reimbursed for costs to attend the AVMA Conference/AAAP Annual Meeting up to $1,500. Receipts will be required.

Scholarship Naming Criteria:

AAAP Foundation Avian Biosciences Travel Scholarships can become a named scholarship by two methods:

  1. $40,000 gift to the AAAP Foundation to endow a named scholarship in perpetuity,
    1. Annual commitment to fund a scholarship, for each of three years, with annual rolling renewal unless notified two months before the November 1 application date.

Past Avian Biosciences Travel Scholarship Winners


Emily Cason University of Georgia Phibro Avian Bioscience Travel Scholarship



Shailes Bhattrai University of Georgia Aviserve Avian Bioscience Travel Scholarship
Nicolas Deslauriers Université de Montréal Phibro Avian Bioscience Travel Scholarship



Shailes Bhattrai University of Georgia Phibro Avian Bioscience Travel Scholarship
Guanchen Liu University of Georgia AviServe Bioscience Travel Scholarship



Patrick Montine  UC Davis Phibro Avian Bioscience Travel Scholarship



Miranda Carrisosa Auburn University Phibro Avian Bioscience Travel Scholarship



Myrna Cadena UC Davis Avian Bioscience Travel Scholarship