AAAP Board of Directors
Pictured Beginning Left: Jarra Jagne, Rocio Crespo, Eric Jensen, Samuel Christenberry, Michelle Kromm, Karel (Ton) Schat, Nathaniel Tablante, Valerie Marcano, and Suzanne Dougherty
Picture Features 2019 Board of Directors
AAAP Board of Directors 2020-2021
David Frame, President 2021
Suzanne Dougherty, Executive Vice President 2021
Karel (Ton) Schat, Director 2021
Samuel Christenberry, Director 2022
Michelle Kromm, Director 2023
Karen Grogan, Director 2024
Julie Helm, Director 2024
Rosemary Marusak, Director 2021
Eric Jensen, Past President 2021
Holly Sellers, Associate Director 2024
Louise Dufour-Zavala, President Elect 2022
Kelly Hewitt, Student Representative 2021

AAAP Board Meeting Dates

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