Outstanding Animal Welfare Presentation Award

Deadline for submissionsFebruary 1st

Award Information


This new award, funded by the families of Drs. Kate Barger and Ken Opengart, is established in the spirit of promoting and recognizing the most Outstanding Animal Welfare Presentation during the annual American Association of Avian Pathologists meeting. Presentations should reflect original research that drives continuous improvement of poultry welfare outcomes and may include topics that enhance welfare understanding, highlight practical application of animal welfare principles and best practices, and/or evaluate innovative technology.

Application Criteria:

Eligible abstracts for consideration of the Outstanding Animal Welfare Presentation Award will be determined by the AAAP program chair, co-chair (chair-elect) and secretary. The same person is not allowed to win the award more than once in a two-year period.

Awards will be based on the following:

  1. Submission of an abstract to the AAAP annual meeting for oral presentation.
  2. Originality of report.
  3. Content and clarity of presentation.
  4. Contribution to improving welfare understanding, preventive or corrective solutions, and/or demonstrated value to drive continuous improvement in poultry welfare

A 5-person ad hoc committee composed of 2-3 AAAP Awards and/or AAAP Animal Welfare Committee members and 3-4 ACPV members will judge at least 3 selected oral presentations (chosen by the AAAP program committee) based on the criteria above.  The winner(s) will be recognized during the AAAP awards luncheon, will receive a $500 honorarium, and will receive a plaque of distinction following the meeting.

2023 Mike Petrik