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Reed Rumsey Award

Deadline for submissions: November 1

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Reed Rumsey was elected president of the AAAP in July 1979, after having served as vice president during 1978-79 and on the Board of Directors in 1976-78.  Tragically, he developed cancer and resigned in January 1980.  Highly respected by his peers in the industry and academia, he also had great faith in young people and the future of the poultry industry.  Shortly before his death, Dr. Rumsey announced that he would bequeath $25,000 to the AAAP for the establishment of a student award program for the advancement of avian medicine.  The American Association of Avian Pathologists annually selects an outstanding student(s) to be the recipient of the Reed Rumsey Student Award for Advancement of Avian Medicine.

Qualification Criteria:

Applicants must be veterinary students, graduate students, residents, or interns pursuing an existing program in a College of Veterinary Medicine or appropriate department in an academic institution.

Graduate students must be concurrently pursuing or have already received their D.V.M. degree.

Veterinary students (enrolled in a college of veterinary medicine) may be considered if they are doing research or have a case report to submit.

Residents or interns (following a D.V.M. degree) must be participating in an avian medicine training program.

The award(s) shall be competitive and given in addition to any stipend given by the academic institution.  Initially the award(s) shall be in the amount of $1,000 plus travel expenses to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s meeting.  The AAAP Board has provided up to two awards be given each year to qualified students involved in basic research and/or clinical research.

Awards will be based on the following:

  1. Submission of a one-to-two page abstract describing the original research or a case study conducted by the applicant.  Those selected to receive the award will be expected to present an oral presentation of their research or case report at the Avian Medicine Section of the Annual Meeting of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Please note that applying for the scholarship is separate process from submitting an abstract to present at the Avian Medicine Section of the AVMA meeting.  Applicants should do both.
  2. Copy of current curriculum vitae.
  3. Transcript of grades (graduate work for those in graduate school, veterinary school transcript for those professional students not concurrently in graduate school).  A progress report will suffice for those in a residency or internship program.
  4. Narrative statement by the applicant (1-2 pages) outlining career goals and plans for the future.  In addition, the applicant should comment on how their graduate/ residency/ internship/ professional school program and research/case study has helped them move towards these goals.   Preferential consideration will be given to nominees who express a commitment to devoting their career to avian medicine.
  5. A supporting letter from the major professor or someone else from the institution qualified to comment on the quality of the applicant.  This letter should contain a distinct paragraph stating that the applicant qualifies according to the criteria stated in section labeled “Qualification Criteria”.

Previous Winners of this award are:

1983 J.R. Glisson and F.D. Talkington 2002 N. Ferguson and V. Srinivasan
1984 M.A. Goodwin and G. Zellen 2003 M. Miller and L. Moura
1985 G. Butcher and C. Kelleher, Jr. 2004 Carlos Estevez
1986 T.P. Brown and D.L. Reynolds 2005 Dhanasekaran Govindarajan
1987 C. Hofacre and B. Nersessian 2006 Kelley Joiner
1988 H. Van Campen and D. Weinstock 2007 Mohamed Faizal Abdul-Careem
1989 T.J. Myers and M.S. Philpot 2008 John Dunn and Justin Brown
1990 V. Davis and A. Fix 2009 Taylor Barbosa and Deirde Johnson
1991 K. Karaca and K. Opengart 2010 Natalie Armour and Payvand Parvizi
1992 None 2011 Ha-jund Roh and Kabel Robbins
1993 C. Hayhow and T. Pertile 2012 Julie Kelly and Kyong-il Kang
1994 H. Dressman and M. Suresh 2013 Takumu Niino and Elise Myers
1995 R.A. Phillips 2014 Stivalis Cardenas Garcia and Christina Parr Lindsey
1996 C. Cardona and T. Marsh 2015 Seiche Genger and Eric Parent
1997 A. Akbar and R. O’Connor 2016 Silvia Carnaccini and Hyesun Jang
1998 R. Crespo and S. Rautenschlein 2017 Mostafa Ghanem and Manuela Crispo
1999 A.M. Miles and N.L. Stedman 2018 Brand Armwood and Michael Babak
2000 L.E. Perkins and S. Williams 2019 Daniel Maekawa Maeda and Carmen Jerry
2001 G. Kommers and P. Singh 2020 Ana da Silva and Amir Ghorbani

Click here for the application form