AAAP Foundation/Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Scholarship 

Deadline for submissions: November 1

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The AAAP Foundation and Merck Animal Health are dedicated to promoting scientific knowledge for the health and well-being of poultry and a safe food supply as well as supporting outstanding veterinary students.  Merck Animal Health is proud to demonstrate its dedication to veterinary students by providing $50,000 in financial support to award ten second and third year students with $5,000 scholarships.  Merck's partnership with the AAAP Foundation helps to achieve the Foundation's goal of assisting students with financial support to encourage a career track in poultry health and well being, or food safety.
Scholarships will be awarded based on assessment of the following credentials:

1. Academic record.
2. Letters of recommendation provided by two persons who are knowledgeable about the applicant and his or her career goals; submitted by the writer and separate from the application.
3. Experience related to poultry heath and well-being and/or poultry food safety
4. A brief essay (500 words or less) describing career goals.

Student Requirements:

• Currently enrolled and in good standing at an AVMA accredited and recognized school of veterinary medicine.
• Degree program is focused on poultry health and well-being and/or food safety.

Scholarship is open to 2nd and 3rd-year veterinary students only.

Program Timeline:

• Application Deadline – November 1
• Scholarship Notification – January 31

Common Application:

The AAAP Foundation Poultry Scholarship, the AAAP Foundation/Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Scholarship, the AAAP Foundation/Elanco Memorial Scholarship, and the AAAP Foundation/Cobb Scholarship use a common application form.  Students applying for one or more of these scholarships will indicate as the scholarship(s) for which they are applying at the beginning of the application form.  Please complete only one application form.

2022 Award Winners

Luke Trimble

Ohio State University

Caley Ellington University of Nebraska-Lincoln/Iowa State University 
Josie Gamble Mississippi State University 
Jason Sousa Texas A&M University
Tiffani Allen University of Georgia 
Brittany Skaggs  Iowa State University 
Kaitlin Gorrell North Carolina State University
Lauren Sartor University of Georgia
Cole Taylor Ohio State University
Olivia Jane Lockyear Auburn University 
2021 Award Winners
Eliza Theis

University of Minnesota

Hannah Sather North Carolina State University 
Youngkyoung (Isabelle) Kwon University of Guelph
Lauren Sartor University of Georgia 
Emma Kline Cornell University 
Valerie Rae Johnson Michigan State University 
Jason Sousa  Texas A&M University 
Brittany Skaggs Iowa State University 
Eric Whitmore  University of Georgia
Sabrina Hurst  University of Georgia

2019 Award Winners

Zachary Adams Iowa State University
Lydia Anderson University of Georgia
Jacob Carlson Kansas State University
Dallas Clontz North Carolina State University
Theodore Derksen Western University
Valerie Marcano University of Minnesota
Tatum Odland University of Georgia
Michaela Olson University of Minnesota
Nerisa Riedl The Ohio State University
Grayson Walker North Carolina State University

2018 Award Winners

Dallas Clontz North Carolina State University
Katie Venters North Carolina State University
Valerie Marcano University of Georgia
Jacob Carlson Kansas State University
Lisa Tenny Kansas State University
Linea Tracy University of Pennsylvania
Kayla Niel Michigan State University
Kaytee McCullough North Carolina State University
Sarah Morrissey Cornell University
K Denise Apperson Oregon State University

 2017 Award Winners

Corissa Steimling Ohio State University
Katharine Venters North Carolina State University
Valerie Marcano University of Georgia
Randi Clark Mississippi State University
Vacques Hines Purdue University 

 2016 Award Winners

Brandon Armwood North Carolina State University
Valerie Marcano University of Georgia
Chase Miller Kansas State University
Sarah Reichelt North Carolina State University
Abigail Reith University of Missouri