Research Priorities Committee

Research Priorities Annual Committee Meeting:
Wednesday, July 10, 5:15PM
Midway Suites 3, St. Louis Union Station Hotel

Mission Statement

To advance the application of science-based knowledge in the poultry industry by ensuring that the practical research needs of the industry are communicated to researchers and research funding agencies. 

Committee Composition 

The Research Priorities Committee is comprised of the Committee Chair, the AAAP Board of Directors Liaison, and the Presidents of the Association of Veterinarians in Broiler Production (AVBP), Association of Veterinarians in Egg Production (AVEP), Association of Veterinarians in Turkey Production (AVTP), and the Association of Poultry Primary Breeder Veterinarians (APPBV). Two members of the committee are selected by the Committee Chair to represent researchers (currently a researcher conducting applied poultry research) and research funding agencies (currently the Director of Research, US Poultry and Egg Association). The invitation of additional committee members is at the discretion of the Committee Chair. 

Committee Terms: The Presidents of the AVBP, AVEP, AVTP and APPBV are invited to be committee members for the duration of their leadership of these associations. The terms of the Committee Chair and other committee members is normally three years. 

Research Priorities Committee Members Page

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