ACPV News 

August 2021 

  • The ACPV exam is newly revised and ready for this year’s exam candidates. The exam is given electronically. Good use of the ExamSoft software will improve the exam experience for both candidates and graders. The revised exam continues to use the exam blueprint developed through the 2013 ACPV jobs analysis.  The jobs analysis determined the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) needed to be a poultry veterinarian and the blueprint lists the range of questions needed for each KSA depending on the importance of the KSA.  Each question on the revised exam is now scored using the Angolf method to determine the difficulty of the question.  From that a cut score (passing score) is determined.  THANK YOU TO THE AD HOC EXAM REVISION COMMITTEE AND THE AD HOC ANGOLF SCORING COMMITTEE FOR THEIR MANY HOURS OF WORK TO MAKE A GREAT EXAM!   
  • The 2021 ACPV exam will be given August 17 at five designated sites.  They are the University of Calgary, Purdue University, NC State University, the University of Georgia and the Aviagen Albertville, AL facility.  56 candidates are eligible to sit for this year’s exam.  All candidates were given the option to opt out of this year’s exam with no penalty due to COVID considerations. 
  • A new Ad Hoc committee has been formed to revise the CE standards. New standards should be in place for 2022.  THANK YOU ACPV DIPLOMATES WHO VOLUNTEERED ON THIS COMMITTEE!  
  • ACPV is publishing an incubation and hatchery manual based on the 2021 ACPV workshop.  It should be ready for sale in January 2022. THANK YOU TO NEOGEN AND ZOETIS FOR DONATIONS TO COVER THE COST OF PRINTING! 
  • The 2022 ACPV workshop is titled, Sensor Data and Analytics for Poultry Health, Welfare, and Food Safety.” Find out more about it under the workshop tab.