Elanco Memorial Scholarship

Deadline for submissionsNovember 1

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The Elanco Memorial scholarships are intended to honor the memory of past Elanco poultry veterinarians and scientists by supporting learning opportunities for future generations. One undergraduate student will be awarded a $2000 scholarship, while a $3000 scholarship will be presented to a veterinary student interested in poultry medicine.


• Application Deadline – November 1
• Scholarship Notification – January 31

Scholarships are awarded based on assessment of the following credentials:

1. Applicant’s academic record as provided by an official transcript from their academic institution.
2. Letters of recommendation provided by two people who are knowledgeable about the applicant and his or her career goals; submitted by the writer and separate from the application.
3. The applicant’s experience related to poultry health and well-being and/or poultry food safety.
4. A brief essay (500 words or less) describing career goals. 

Common Application: 

The AAAP Foundation Poultry Scholarship, the AAAP Foundation/Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Scholarship, the AAAP Foundation/Elanco Memorial Scholarship, and the AAAP Foundation/Cobb Scholarship use a common application form.  Students applying for one or more of these scholarships will indicate as the scholarship(s) for which they are applying at the beginning of the application form.  Please complete only one application form. 

2023 Award Winners 

Jason Sousa Texas A&M University
Yeram Seo Konkuk University


2022 Award Winners 

Ashley Hallowell University of Pennsylvania 
Mikayla Schlosser University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) 


2021 Award Winners 

Luke Francis Mase  University of Delaware
Sierra Slautterback University of Tennessee


2019 Award Winners

Hannah Sather North Carolina State University
Tristan Delgado Auburn University


2018 Award Winners

Grayson Walker North Carolina State University
Trevor Lee Auburn University


2017 Award Winners

Jeannett Clampitt Iowa State University
Dallas Clontz North Carolina State University