History of Avian Medicine Committee

History of Avian Medicine Committee Members
Ton Schat, Chair 

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History Committee Forum

Committee Reports

Committee Composition

The History of Avian Medicine Committee leadership consists of a Chair and Chair Elect. The term of the Chair is typically 2 years but has been extended to 3 or more years as needed and as approved by the BOD. The Chair Elect is identified as early in the two-year term as possible, but no later than 1 year prior to the end of the current Chair ’s term. There is no core committee. There are currently 4 subcommittees related to several of the principal tasks. Each has a Chair, but there are no set terms for these Chairs. The 4 subcommittees are:
1. Biography Project Subcommittee
2. Avian Diseases (AD) Cover Project Subcommittee
3. Lasher-Eckroade History Lecture Subcommittee
4. Obituary Subcommittee
5. Archives Subcommittee

Key Roles and Responsibilities

History of Avian Medicine Committee Key Roles and Responsibilities
A. Biography Project subcommittee
The subcommittee’s duties are to:
1. Maintain a master list of persons who have been contacted (or should be contacted) and their status as far as willingness to write an autobiography or assist in writing a biography of a deceased person.
2. Maintain contact with the authors of autobiographies or biographies.
3. Assist in editing drafts to comply with the standard format for biographies including photos.
4. Send updates to the AAAP Business office to update the website and to the archive subcommittee.
5. Participate in the History committee and keep the Chair updated.

B. Avian Diseases (AD) Cover Project Subcommittee
The subcommittee’s duties are to:
1. Maintain a master list of persons who have been used and their status, including volume, number, and year of publication.
2. Bring up and add names for discussion to be voted on and approved by the History Committee for future issues of AD. Selection of candidates is based on the following three criteria (approved by the Board of Directors of the AAAP, January 2022): 1) Researchers with a significant impact on research of avian health topics and or involvement with the AAAP, 2) Candidates for selection are deceased or retired, and 3) Candidates for selection can be from any part of the world. Furthermore, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and/or membership in the AAAP are not required to be selected. If a retired candidate is selected for the front cover, he or she must be contacted to give permission for being on the front cover and preferably provide some photos from which the History Committee in consultation with the Editor of Avian Diseases chooses the best one. Any AAAP member can submit names to the AAAP History Committee for candidates to be considered for the front cover.
3. Identify and assign History Committee members to contact family members or colleagues for a good quality photo and write-up of the candidate.
4. Send photo and write-up to the AD editor.
5. Participate in the History committee and keep the Chair updated.

C. Lasher-Eckroade History Lecture and Historical Articles subcommittee
The subcommittee’s duties are to:
1. Maintain a list of recent and upcoming lectures including lecture topic and speaker.
2. Bring up and add potential topics for discussion and assign speaker to be voted on and approved by the History Committee, paying attention to alternate disease topic with another category of topic (person, issue, institution, industry, etc.) if possible.
3. Contact speaker for the lecture and continue to maintain contact to have him/her to submit a historical article for AD based on the History lecture
4. Participate in the History Committee and keep the Chair updated.

D. Obituary Subcommittee The BOD approved the development of a webpage where obituaries can be posted.
The subcommittee’s duties are to:
1. Ensure that the obituaries are relevant to the professional activities of the diseased person.
2. Ensure that the family of the deceased person approves the submitted information. This is important because obituaries may be submitted by others than family members.

3. Communicate with the AAAP office to post the obituaries on the website.

E. Archives subcommittee
The subcommittee’s duties are to:
1. Interact with the AAAP business office twice a year (after the annual AAAP meeting and the BOD meeting in January/February) to ensure that original materials of importance to the history of the AAAP and the field of poultry medicine are submitted to an appropriate archive venue (currently at Iowa State University in the Special Collections Department) so that they can be permanently preserved, catalogued, and retrieved as needed. These items include, but are not limited to, newsletters, annual meeting materials, BOD correspondence, biographies and the like that are deemed important for the historical collection. In addition to and as needed, the History Committee will keep track of news of deceased members and post available tributes and obituaries on the web site

History of Avian Medicine Committee Chair Key Roles and Responsibilities
The committee Chair:
A. Prepares agendas and conduct the annual committee meeting (and interim meetings as needed.) about the progress of ongoing tasks and/or special projects. Communicate with members in the interim as needed.
B. Meets with the BOD at each annual meeting about the activities of the committee and asks for support to achieve goals if needed. At this meeting, the Chair presents the proposed LasherEckroade History Lecture topic(s) and speakers (generally for ~ 2 years in advance) for vote by the BOD.
C. By August 15 each year, provides the following to the AAAP office: 1. Activities report for the past year. 2. List of members and email addresses, including terms, position, or role, if applicable. 3. The History Committee’s current entry in the Policies and Procedures Manual indicating any revisions made to accurately describe the current work or procedures of the committee or stating that the entry remains the same.