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Ton Schat, Chair

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Committee Reports

Committee Composition

The History of Avian Medicine Committee leadership consists of a chair and chair elect. The term of the chair is typically 2 years but has been extended to 3 or more years as needed and as approved by the BOD. The chair-elect is identified as early in the two-year term as possible, but no later than 1 year prior to the end of the current chair’s term. There is no core committee. There are currently 3 subcommittees related to several of the principal tasks. Each has a chair, but there are no set terms for these chairs.

History of Avian Medicine Committee Key Roles and Responsibilities

The principle ongoing tasks of the committee are the following projects:
A. Lasher-Eckroade History Lecture
B. Identify topics and speakers for the annual history lecture delivered at each AAAP annual meeting and propose them to the BOD for approval. Follow-through with confirmation of the speakers.
C. History Articles Project
D. Identify topics and authors to write history articles for the Avian Diseases journal on important diseases, discoveries, events, and institutions in the field of poultry medicine.
E. Biography Project
F. Oversee the posting of existing biographies of professionals in poultry health including past and present members on the web site.
G. Identify and invite persons to write biographies and assist them as needed. Include information for prospective authors on the web site.
H. Tributes and Obituaries
I. Keep track of news of diseased members and post available tributes and obituaries on the web site.
J. Identify and submit tributes for publishing in Avian Diseases as appropriate.
K. Avian Diseases Cover Project
L. Work with the Avian Diseases editor to select cover subjects (persons of historical significance in avian medicine). Provide appropriate photos for the front journal cover and short biographical sketches for the inside of the front cover for each selected subject.
M. Archives
N. Facilitate the preparation, submission, and regular status review of original materials of importance to the history of the AAAP and the field of poultry medicine for archival purposes. These items include newsletters, annual meeting materials, biographies and the like that are deemed important for the historical collection. The materials are housed in an appropriate archive venue (currently at Iowa State University in the Special Collections Department) so that they can be permanently preserved, catalogued, and retrieved as needed.

History of Avian Medicine Committee Chair Key Roles and Responsibilities

The committee chair responsibilities include
A. Prepare agendas and conduct the annual committee meeting (and interim meetings as needed) about the progress of ongoing tasks and/or special projects. Communicate with members in the interim as needed.
B. Meet with the BOD at each annual meeting about the activities of the committee and ask for support to achieve goals if needed. At this meeting, the chair presents the proposed Lasher-Eckroade History Lecture topic(s) and speakers (generally for ~ 2 years in advance) for vote by the BOD.
C. Submit a written report to the Executive Director by August 15 each year, including a committee membership roster.