AAAP Mentorship Program

The AAAP Membership Committee is pleased to announce the AAAP Mentorship Program! If you are interested in participating in this program, please send the requested details below to Dr. Andrea Zedek at [email protected] or Dr. Laura Chen at [email protected].

If you have participated in the program in a previous year, you are welcome to participate again with a different mentor or mentee. **If you would like to keep the same mentor/mentee as last year, that is fine if both parties agree**

For Students and New Graduates (Mentees), please send: 

1. Vet school and/or graduate school attending and likely year of graduation (or school and year graduated from)
2. Segment of the industry you are interested in (or work in)
3. List of poultry meetings you plan to attend in 2021 

Mentee responsibilities for this year will be contacting your mentor to set up virtual or in-person (if possible) meetings. 

For AAAP Members (Mentors), please send: 

1. Preferred contact email
2. Career focus (to match up mentees with their interest)
3. List of meetings you plan to attend in 2021 (to match up with mentees)

Mentor responsibilities include meeting your mentee virtually or in person (if possible) and answering questions regarding the poultry industry and poultry careers, as well as helping your mentee make professional contacts. **Mentors should be AAAP members who have been in the industry at least 5 years**