Patricia Ann Dunn

Patty was born in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, in 1957. She received a BS in Biology at the Pennsylvania State University in 1979.  Her professional education was at University of Wisconsin- Madison, where she completed the DVM degree in 1989 and at the University of Georgia, where she received the MAM degree in 1991.  She attained Diplomate status in the American College of Poultry Veterinarians in 1992.

In 1991, Patty joined the faculty at the Pennsylvania State University, Department of Veterinary Science, Animal Diagnostic Lab (ADL) as an avian diagnostic pathologist and field investigator. She initially worked with Dr. David Kradel in the areas of avian influenza and Salmonella enteritidis diagnostics, epidemiology and control, as well as in the poultry diagnostic services. Another early career mentor was Dr. Robert Owen, who was completing his PhD thesis research on ascites syndrome. The unique and diverse nature of the poultry enterprises in the state and region have kept her busy trying to find practical answers to a variety of avian disease dilemmas.  Her work includes some of the first descriptions in the US of Muscovy duck parvovirus and reovirus, ascarid larval hepatitis in turkeys, focal duodenal necrosis in layers, cecal brachyspirosis associated with “dirty egg syndrome” in layers and variant reoviruses in broilers. She has collaborated with researchers on hypoglycemia spiking mortality in broilers and molecular epidemiology of Marek’s disease virus in the region. Major efforts include helping the Kosher poultry industry and those supplying the northeast live bird marketing system with problems specific to their production systems.  Mentoring undergraduate, graduate and visiting veterinary medical students through the years is another highlight. She has been a continuous participant in the Northeastern Conference on Avian Diseases (NECAD) and was Chair twice. Patty served on numerous AAAP and ACPV standing and ad hoc committees, including chairing the ACPV exam committee, and contributed to AAAP educational materials. She was AAAP President in 2012.

Since 1991, Patty is married to Dr. Art Hattel, a veterinary pathologist.  Being trained by their Labrador retrievers is her major pastime.  She also enjoys hiking, swimming, and reading mysteries.  She looks forward to retirement with plans for returning to the farm and the farming activities of her youth with Shorthorn cattle, a mustang mare and a few goats.