Boston, MA
July 11-14, 2015
The American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP) Annual meeting
will be held on July 11-14, 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Annual Meeting.

AAAP Symposium: "An Update on Marek's Disease Vaccination, Diagnosis, and Immunosuppression"
will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2015, 7:30AM-12:30PM.
The symposium will be an update on tumor virus diseases, especially concerning Marek’s disease (MD), its differential diagnosis from other tumor diseases, MD vaccines and recombinants including HVT-vectored vaccines in poultry and the effect of MDV-induced immunosuppression as well as the effect of other immunosuppressive conditions on MD.  This symposium is being organized by the AAAP Tumor Virus Committee with Dr. Arun Pandiri as chairperson.
The AAAP Scientific Program
will be from Sunday-Tuesday, July 12-14, 2015, 8:00AM-5:30PM.
The Program will consist of oral and poster presentations on topics such as: Antibiotics, Avian Influenza, Avian Leukosis Virus, Bacteriology, Case Reports, Coccidiosis, Diagnostics, Food Safety, Gut Health, Immunology, Infectious Bronchitis Virus, Infectious Bursal Disease, Laryngotracheitis, Marek's Disease, Mycoplasma, Newcastle Disease Virus, Processing,  Reovirus, Salmonella, Virology, Wealth of Knowledge, Welfare.

AAAP Member Code is: 2015AAAP  (Program Speakers will have a different code) 

2015 Scientific Program alt (includes scientific program, symposium, and meeting schedule)
This Program is subject to change.
Posters should be no more than 48 inches wide and 46 inches tall. 

2015 Abstracts The Abstracts will be available to program attendees via AVMA Convention Notes online and through AAAP online and CD July 2015.

2015 Program Registration will be conducted by AVMA.

AAAP resources:

AAAP Slide Study Sets (Partial previews below.  Full sets can be purchased online
MAREK'S DISEASE  alt(Slide study set # 26)
RNA TUMOR VIRUSES  alt(Slide study set # 27A)