Clear Communication and A Case Report-a-Palooza

Recorded presentations available on July 17, 2020

Live Q&A Sessions held July 24, 2020

8 hours total CE credits

RACE Approved: This program has been approved for 8 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval. Program Number: 1591-42629

Presentations will be Available on demand for viewing beginning July 17, 2020

Workshop Description

This year’s ACPV workshop is about communication skills—the importance of which was identified by ACPV Diplomates in their 2015 jobs survey. There are sessions that focus on writing skills for various audiences a poultry veterinarian might encounter in their work. There are case reports by selected presenters who demonstrate clear and effective communication skills. There is also a presentation on how to critically evaluate written materials based on scientific evidence.

The Academic Bones of Getting your Message to your Audience 
Charlie Broussard, DVM, MAM, dACVP
National Account Manager
Merck Animal Health 

Writing and Presenting to a Lay Audience. 
Martin Smith, MS Ed.D
Co-operative extension Specialist, Department of Human Ecology
UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine 

Writing and Presenting to a Technical Audience. 
Karen Grogan, DVM, MAM, dACPV
Clinical Associate Professor,

Writing and Presenting to a Scientific Audience
Natalie Armour, BVSc, MAM, PhD, dACPV
Associate Clinical Professor
Mississippi State University 

Critically Evaluating Written Material Based on Evidence
Connie White, MPH, DVM, PhD
Clinical Veterinarian
Fremont Veterinary Clinic
Portland, Oregon

Case Report: Shake it off
Yuko Sato
Poultry Extension Veterinarian and Diagnostic Pathologist
Iowa State University

Case Report: The Case of Be Cautious When Trying to Save Money
Nick Dorko, DVM, MAM, dACPV
Global Head of Veterinary Technical Services

Case Report: Double Jeopardy with Thanksgiving Turkey
Mark Bland, MS, DVM, dACPV
Poultry Veterinarian
Cutler Associates International, Inc.

Case Report: Broiler Breeders with Elevated Mortality and Substantial Production Drop
David French, DVM, MAM, dACPV
Clinical Associate Professor,
UGA, PDRC            

Case Report: Pododermatitis in a South Alabama Broiler Flock
Joel Cline, DVM, MAM, dACPV
Corporate Veterinarian
Wayne Farms LLC

Case Report: Hemorrhage, Hemorrhage, Hemorrhage
Seiche Genger, DVM, MAM, dACPV
South East Asia Technical Manager
Hy-Line International

Case Report: Please Keep Your Copper In Pennies
Jolene Tourville, DVM
Technical Manager
Jennie-O-Turkey Store

Case Report: Too much of a Good Thing
Jenny Nicholds, DVM MAM dACPV
Clinical Associate Professor


Live Question and Answer Sessions: July 24, 2020

Participants can interact with the workshop speakers during these live sessions.

1:30 – 2:00 pm EDT        Charlie Broussard, Martin Smith, Karen Grogan
2:30 – 3:00 pm EDT        Natalie Armour, Connie White
3:30 – 4:00 pm EDT        Yuko Sato, Nick Dorko, Mark Bland, David French
4:30 – 5:00 pm EDT        Joel Cline, Seiche Genger, Jolene Tourville, Jenny Nicholds


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